DREME—Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education—is a network of researchers from across the U.S. who collaborate to advance math teaching and learning in the early years (birth to 8). DREME Family Math prepares professionals who work with families to support parents and caregivers in promoting children’s development of early math skills. Learn more about the DREME Family Math project.

Our Values & Philosophy

Families are naturally gifted innovators.

We celebrate families’ strengths and offer easy suggestions for building upon early math activities and conversations that are already taking place at home.

Family math is for everyone.

Our playful and engaging activities are designed so that everyone can support family math, no matter their experience or level of comfort with math.

Math learning can take place at home and in informal settings—it’s not confined to the classroom.

One of the most meaningful ways to practice early math is by simply finding and talking about math in everyday, household routines.

About the Researchers

Eric Dearing

Professor, Boston College

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Amy Claessens

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Herbert P. Ginsburg

Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

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Susan Levine

Professor, University of Chicago

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Michèle Mazzocco

Professor, University of Minnesota

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Gigliana Melzi

Associate Professor, New York University

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Linda M. Platas

Associate Professor, San Francisco State University

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Deborah Stipek

Professor Emerita, Stanford University

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Small children in preschool/kindergarten or at a daycare center.

Early Math Resources for Teachers

Free, research-informed materials that prepare early childhood educators to build children’s mathematical learning and executive functions.

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Early Math Resources for Teacher Educators

A collection of free, research-based materials for early childhood teacher educators to support prospective and practicing teachers in promoting young children’s mathematical learning.

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Preschool Through Grade 3 Alignment and Continuity

Policy briefs and research publications that identify policies and practices associated with high quality, continuous math education from preschool through the early primary grades.

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DREME Family Math is funded by a generous grant from the Heising-Simons Foundation.