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Why Family Math?

Family math helps prepare young children for success in school and in life.

Families engage in math in more ways than they might realize (and you can help make the most of it!).

Professionals who work with families play a key role in promoting early math learning at home.

Our free materials have been designed to increase the joy and learning that come out of family math activities.

Family Math Activities for Everyday Moments

Created by leading scholars in the field of mathematics education—and with input from professionals in fields like yours—our playful and engaging family activities transform everyday household routines into math learning opportunities. No special skills or materials required.

Daily Routines

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Early Math Toolkit for Professionals Serving Families

Boost your own knowledge and confidence for engaging families around early math.

Math Snacks

Brief but mighty ideas to uncover math in everyday moments and start math conversations anywhere!

Cleaning Up
Find the Math:
When washing dishes, sort objects by similarities and differences.
Talk About the Math:
Can you make a group of all the clean spoons and all the clean forks? Which of these clean dishes needs to be put away in the cabinet?
Meal Prep
Find the Math:
When following a recipe, count out how many ingredients you need.
Talk About the Math:
We need three eggs. Can you get three eggs for me? We need a cupcake for everyone in the family. How many cupcakes do we need?
Find the Math:
When reading books, notice and talk about examples of different sizes in the illustrations.
Talk About the Math:
Which one is taller, shorter, thinner, etc.? How do you know? Can you think of something even taller, shorter, thinner, etc. than this?
Find the Math:
When walking, driving, or on public transportation, notice shapes and numbers in the world around you.
Talk About the Math:
What shapes do you see in the signs we're passing? How do you know that is a triangle? What number is on that license plate?

About DREME Family Math

Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME) is a network of scholars across the country who collaborate to advance math teaching and learning for children from birth to age 8. DREME Family Math prepares professionals who work with families to support parents and caregivers in promoting young children’s mathematical learning.

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