Reading Together

Tips for Reading Together

Turn reading time into math learning time! Suggestions for finding and talking about the math in storybooks.

When reading a book about numbers, notice and talk about objects in the pictures. Ask children to:

  • Count | How many are there?
  • Compare | Are there more of this object or more of that object?
  • Predict | If one animal leaves, how many are left?

When reading a book about patterns, notice and talk about patterns that repeat or grow. Ask children to:

  • Name | What patterns do you see?
  • Predict | If the pattern continues, what will come next?

When reading a book about shapes, notice and talk about examples of shapes and their properties. Ask children to:

  • Name | What shape is this? How do you know?
  • Describe | How many sides does this shape have?
  • Combine | If we put these two shapes together,
    what new shape can we make?

When reading a book about size or measurement, notice and talk about the height, length, width, and weight of different things in the story. Ask children to:

  • Describe | What do you notice about the animal’s size?
  • Compare | Which one is the tallest? Which one is the widest?

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