The Royal Family and Sneeze the Dragon

In a place far, far away called the Land of Numbers live the King of Math and the Queen of Tens, along with their son, Count Jack. The family has a pet dragon named Sneeze. Sneeze is very special to the Royal Family because she is in charge of all the card games in the land. Everyone loves to play cards in the Land of Numbers.

Sneeze is a friendly dragon. But sometimes when she sneezes, a little flame of fire pops out of her mouth. To be safe, Sneeze always carries a little bucket of water next to her when she is playing cards with her friends.

Whenever Sneeze feels a sneeze coming on, she will say: “Beware, beware, my nose has a tickle. If I sneeze, you’ll be in a pickle.”

When the King or Queen or Count Jack hear that, they scatter far and wide, and Sneeze swings her bucket under her nose and says, “ACHOO!” Then the little flame sizzles harmlessly into her bucket. A big puff of smoke rises and that is that. Then Sneeze calls out: “Achoo, achoo, my sneeze is through. I’m ready for a card game. How about you?”

Sometimes Sneeze and the members of the Royal Family will want to join in your card game. You never know when they’ll want to jump in and play!

Here are all the card games that are played in the Land of Numbers. You and your family can play these card games any time you want!