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Line Them Up

Build a number line to put cards 1 to 10 in correct order.


Activity Summary

The goal of this 2 player game is to make a number line. Whoever puts the last card in the completed number line wins.



  • Take out all face cards. Aces count as 1.
  • Be sure to shuffle the cards.
  • Pass out all the cards in the deck so each player has an equal number.
  • The players should sit side by side.
  • Imagine a number line going from left to right and from 1 to 10.


How a turn begins:

Players take turns. On each turn, they take a card from the top of their own deck and put it where it would belong on a line of numbers that goes from 1 to 10. The cards go in order, with the lowest number (1) on the left and the highest number (10) on the right.


How a turn ends:

Taking turns, each player places their card in the correct spot on the same number line. If they draw a card that is already in the line-up, they place it on top of the card that’s already in the correct spot.

How the game ends:

The game is over when the number line from 1 to 10 is completed, with at least one card for each number. The person who puts down the final card to finish the number line wins.


Read the Mini Story

  • Make playing even more fun by telling a story about the game: the King likes to line up the numbers from the lowest to the highest. Do you want to see if you can do it as well?

Support Learning

  • When your child is stuck, suggest counting from 1 to 10. This will help them remember the order of the numbers.
  • To figure out which card is higher, you can also suggest looking at which card has more shapes (such as diamonds).
  • Ask your child what numbers they are looking for. This helps them find the gaps in the order.
  • You can also ask, “Are there any numbers missing?” or suggest “We already have that card in the number line. What are we missing?
  • Model for your child how you figured out where to place the number in the correct order. 

Adjust the Challenge

Make It Easier

  • Make a short number line using only numbers 1 to 5, removing cards with higher numbers from the deck.

What to Play Next

If your child is still practicing the skills in this game, then continue having fun playing this game! Try the tips to support learning and ways to adjust the challenge. When your child is ready for a new game, play Sneeze Orders the Cards.

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