Introduction to ‘Promote Math in Home Daycares’ Video Series

This video is in Spanish with English captions.

This video is an introduction to “Promote Math in Home Daycares”: A unique, six-video series that aims to highlight and enhance the natural integration of early math concepts into daily activities and routines with young children.

Understanding that every moment holds potential for learning, we created a series of short videos in Spanish with English subtitles that were inspired by discussions with Latinx families about the mathematical moments that naturally occur in their day-to-day lives. Each video offers practical, straightforward strategies that caregivers can employ to enhance children’s math skills. From sorting toys during cleanup to counting snacks during mealtime, our content is crafted to make math both fun and integral to everyday interactions.

The videos offer everyday, easy-to-implement ideas that caregivers can use to foster children’s early math skills. Whether it is sorting toys during cleanup, counting during snack time, or exploring shapes and sizes during playtime, our videos are crafted to make math learning both engaging and seamless.

Each video focuses on a specific part of the day, demonstrating how ordinary activities are rich opportunities to introduce and practice math vocabulary and concepts. By embedding math into everyday conversations and routines, we help children develop a strong mathematical foundation in a way that feels natural and enjoyable.

Math During Cleanup Time: Discover how organizing toys and materials can be a fun opportunity to practice classifying objects, comparing quantities and counting .

Math During Naptime: Explore concepts of sequence to help children understand numeracy , addition, and one to one correspondence.

Math During Playtime: Use play to learn spatial vocabulary, shapes, and sizes of objects, turning fun activities into educational experiences.

Math During Snack Time: Engage with numbers and quantities as children help prepare and distribute snacks, enhancing their understanding of basic math concepts.

Math During Storytime: Connect storytelling with math by exploring numbers, quantities, patterns, and sequences in the stories you read together.

Math During Mealtime: Share the importance of number and quantities, one to one correspondence, and spatial awareness when setting the table and sharing food.

These videos are not just tools for engaging in math conversations; they are designed to inspire and empower providers by showing how everyday interactions are filled with teachable moments. We invite you to transform daily routines into exciting learning adventures that support the developmental journey of every child.

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New York University DREME Team